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The core fields of chemistry taught at UG level include organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. The aim is to introduce the students to the concepts and make them better understand  the various chemical processes, compositions and manipulations. Students having graduated with chemistry as one of the subjects find wide career opportunities in sectors in chemical engineering, pharmaceutical labs, polymer synthesis etc. The key course outcomes of the subject are:

v  To enable students understand the conceptual aspects  about bonding, molecular structure, reactivity stereochemical aspects, aromaticity and Structural and behavioural aspects of matter.

v  To impart knowledge of  p-block elements; Saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons; Organic reaction mechanisms and Chemical kinetics.

v  To provide an understanding of the transition and inner transition elements; Preparation and reaction of alcohols, phenols and ethers; Thermodynamics and its application to chemical and phase equilibria.

v  To enlighten the students about coordination chemistry; Chemistry  of carbonyl compounds; Electrochemistry and basic quantum chemistry.

v  To impart knowledge about the nuclear structure, radioactivity and its applications; preparation and chemical reactivity of nitro-compounds, amines, and aromatic heterocycles; the applications of thermodynamic principles to solutions.

To understand the electromagnetic spectrum and its interaction with matter;  transitions in spectroscopy.

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